Chief Minister

Chief Minister presides over 'Harihar Chhattisgarh' meeting

CM Dr. Raman Singh Addressing the 'Harihar Chhattisgarh' meeting

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh called upon the officials to plant as many sapplings as feasible where birds chirp and build nests during the 'Harihar Chhattisgarh' campaign. He was reviewing the 'Harihar Chhattisgarh Afforestation Mission'. He said that trees which give shades to the travelling public should be planted on the road-sides across the State. Citizens should be encouraged to plant sapplings which bear fruits and vegetables in the names of their daughters in their courtyard. Dr.

Tharkori residents impress Chief Minister with their warmth

CM Dr. Raman Singh addressing villagers during chaupal at village Tarkari under Dhamdha block

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh toured village Tharkori Development block Dhamdha as a part of 'Lok Suraaj' campaign. He conducted 'choupal' and the villagers inter-acted freely with Dr. Raman Singh. He listened patiently to all the grievances of the villagers and assured them that their problems will be solved as soon as possible. Chief Minister was visibly impressed by the warmth of the villagers as they treated him as one among them.

Chief Minister felicitates panthi artistes, folk singers, literary giants

CM Dr. Raman Singh, Food Minister Punnulal Mohale and other distinguished guests releasing the special cover Jaitkham issued

Chief minister Dr. Raman Singh felicitated artistes, folk singers, literary figures and social workers on the occasion of memory of International Panthi Dancer Late Mr. Devdas Banjare Smriti Samman Samaroh at Shaheed Smarak here. Dr. Raman Singh also unveiled the replica of the stamp of the Guru Baba Ghasidas 'Jaitram' at his birth place Giroudpuri here.

Chief Minister unveils Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar statue at Durg

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh unveils Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar statue

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said poor citizens are very close to the State Government in the State. The main thrust of the authorities is to alleviate the conditions and status of the deprived sections of the society and give them exalted status like the rest. Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar also said that the primary duty of the Government is to lift the poorer sections of the society. Dr. Raman Singh was addressing a gathering after unveiling the statue of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkat on the premises of the Durg District Collectorate. Disaster management Minister Mr.

Chief Minister presides over Labour and Sports Department officials meet on Budget proposals

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh addressing the meeting

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh presided over the meeting of the 2017-2018 Budget proposals of the Labour Department and Youth and Sports Welfare Department at Mantralaya. There was a detailed discussion regarding the preparations of the coming Budget. Minister Mr. Bhaiyyalal Rajwade, Chief Secretary Mr. Vivek Dhand, Additional Chief Secretary to Chief Minister Mr.N.Baijendra Kumar, Labour Department Principal Secretary Mr. R.P.Mandal, Finance Department Principal Secretary Mr. Amitabh Jain, Youth Welfare Department Secretary Mr. Sonmani Bora, Public Health engineering Department Miss.

Chief Minister meets Loktantra Rakshak Senani Sangh delegation

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today met a delegation of Loktantra Rakshak Senani Sangh national vice-president Mr. Sachitananda Upasne at his official residence. He submitted a memorandum seeking various demands to Dr. Raman Singh. He assured the delegation that he will look into the demands sympathetically. The delegation included State President Mr. Dutta Tripurawar, Mr. Shashikant , Mr. Sunil Pouranik, Mr. Mani Chandrakar and Mr. Yogendra Singh.

Chief Minister felicitates Akalwara school teachers and students for their outstanding performance

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today appreciated the efforts of teachers in improving the quality of education in village Akalwara (Chura Development Block) in Ghariyaband district. Akalwara Higher Secondary School Principal Mr. G. P. Verma and his teachers wake up the school children at the wee hours of 03:30 am by blowing whistles in front their residences. The efforts of the school management had yielded results and the children are getting good marks and better results. Chief Minister Dr.

Chief Minister held Chaupal in Akalvara under the shade of Pipal tree

In the second phase of Lok Suraaj Abhiyan, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh held Chaupal under the shade of Pipal tree in village Akalvara of Chhura development block of Gariaband district. During the visit, Chief Minister granted various requests of the villagers. As per the instructions of Chief Minister, water from kotri nala water reservoir would be supplied to even the remotest of the villages. This will enable water-supply to people of Akalvara village. It is noteworthy that Chhura development block has been declared as drought-affected.