फिर मानवता हुई शर्मसार, निर्दयी मां-बाप ने जीवित नवजात बच्ची को बाड़ी में फेंका,इस तरह बचाई गई बच्ची की जान…

फिर मानवता हुई शर्मसार

महासमुंद जिले के सुईनारा गांव में मानवता को शर्मसार कर देने वाला मामला मामने आया है, जहां गांव के बाड़ी में एक नवजात जीवित बच्ची मिली है.जानकारी मिलने पर पुलिस को सूचना दी गई,जिसके बाद नवजात को अस्पताल में भर्ती करा दिया गया है. पुलिस मामले की जांच में जुट गई है.

'Child Helpline' booth inaugurated

Minister Ramsheela Sahu Inaugurating the 'child helpline booth' at Raipur Railway Station.

Women and Child Welfare Development Minister Mrs. Ramsheela Sahu today inaugurated 'Child Helpline' booth at the Raipur railway station platform number-1. She instructed the staff on duty to be vigilant throughout. The booth will keep track of the missing children. The authorities are keen on rehabilitating the children into the mainstream of life. Mrs. Sahu said that the Women and Child Welfare Department and the Police Department will work together to trace the missing children and provide them with security.

Child health and the 12th Plan

Child health and the 12th Plan

The Approach Paper to the 12th Plan sees the projected 32% increase in India’s labour force in the next two decades as a demographic dividend. But is the 12th Plan focusing sufficiently on the health, nutrition and education of the children who will form this labour force in the coming decades, asks Alex George