14 lakh unorganised workers registered


The State Government has taken several steps to protect the interests of the unorganized labour. The State ranks top in implementing welfare schemes for the toiling masses in the entire country. About 14 lakh workers were registered to help them to take advantage of the various welfare schemes launched by the State.Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh had allocated Rs 40 crore budget for the overall development of unorganized labour in the current financial year 2014-15. He had announced opening of Employees State Insurance dispensaries at Siltara, Deepka, Sarangarh and Sejbahar. There are about 7 lakh 47 thousand registered workers of Chhattisgarh Building and Allied activities Welfare Board and 6 lakh 64 thousand workers of Chhattisgarh unorganized State Social Security Board. It is pertinent to note 19 different schemes are being operated for 57 allied activities related to construction by the mandal. The Mandal was started in 2008.
The workers include stone cutters, stone breakers, masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, sand labour, brick kilns, fly-ash and tiles workers, pump operators and 57 other allied activities. Other labour belonging to 57 other vocations are brought under the Chhattisgarh unorganized State Social Security Board. The law was implemented in August 2010. Barbers, washer-men, tailors, gardeners, shoe-makers, weavers, teacher assistants, footpath vendors, agarbathi workers, newspaper hawkers, shepherds, rickshaw-pullers, mithanins, cooks, cycle mechanics, transport workers, auto drivers, hamals, coolies, mazdoor, cinema workers (lightmen, spot boys, cameramen, makeup-man), goldsmiths and transgenders.


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