Drinking water systems in 56 villages affected

Sukma district is the most affected area, it is also the most affected Konta block. The district administration official schemes sector is resolved to continue to provide citizens universalizing. In an effort to diagnose the problem of drinking water through the Department of Public Health Engineering has been established in all areas tube wells. In summer Konta Vikkk Especially in the inner area of ​​the river-valley and mountain ponds are dry. In summer people and animals rely on mere Nlkup, because more and more villagers are demanding Nlkup.

Konta block interiors grams Pentapad Muchaki whipped by Mr. Patel's village nearby villages with villagers Aveedn Sukma collector met villagers application and given the urgent need of drinking water approvals given by the collector, under the Maoist in the affected area was the act of putting Nlkup.

This year especially, the most affected area Konta block in 56 villages have been productive of wells as part of special operations, Konta block in the year 2014-015 item under departmental Kistaram, Milimplli, Cimlilawa, Kunded, Krigundm, Temelvadha, Ramaram, Bhattpadh, Durma, Peslpadh, Dokpad, Elmagunda, Tadhmetla, Lkapal, Raygudha, Bimapurm, Krkngudha, Timmapuram, Moslmdg, Polmpadh, Elmplli, Singapad, Raygudha, Krkngudha, Medwaya, Silger, Bodrajpdr, Kamaram, Kotagudha, Golaplli, Sunnmpenta, Lingnplli, Knhigudha, Jinelnka, Mamirgudha, Intmpadh, Doramngu, Rampurm etc. problematic hamlets and villages, various drinking water, Rs 133.60 lakh in 2014-15 to 167 at a cost of some 25,000 villagers have been benefited by Nlkup. In addition to the departmental head of the Public Health Engineering Department Sukma district administration aimed at approval by the other items Village Knhigudha, Sakler, Bermaod, Paselpadh, Puttepadh, Jatapad, Nimlgudha, Dodpadh, Casaram, Tontamrka, Mnglgudha, Krkngudha, Doramngu, Tetemdgu , Kosmpadh, Berumgudi, Wardepadh, Krigundm etc. Rs 32.00 lakh villages by 36 Nlkup nearly 4,500 people were benefited. The district administration's initiative in rural areas and other rural villagers are happy for the drinking water and irrigation wells are demanding.
The district police/central force from time to time in the camps also given approval by Sukma district administration and Pavarpanp fitted Nlkup needed for drinking water. Specifically Golaplli, Cintagufa, Jagrgunda, Gorkha, mining wells this year in Dharmapenta etc. Power pump hand pumps have been fitted.
Gtwars and villagers in the financial year has seen a change in the governance of the thinking that has emerged. The villagers themselves have come forward seeking to drinking water. The district administration has been working diligently approval, parishioner came forward in interiors and Phuncvihin bore mining access road while the car is retrofitted Nlkup their village by moving their villages. Doramngu, Tetemdgu, Ramaram, Krigundm, Tondamrka, Tumlpadh, Elmagunda, Durma, Kistarm, Bedepadh villages etc. People living in villages with boreholes mining cart is Lgwayen Nlkup. Continuous efforts with the district chief of the district administration in Naxal-affected areas, providing infrastructure development and look forward to.


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