He Jumps Signal, Hits Cops And Tries To Flee.

Car of Accused Driver Sachin Agrawal.

A CAR driver was arrested after hitting two policemen, who were crossing road near Mahila Thana on Sunday. Car driver hit the police personnel after jumping the red signal. According to the information, car driver tried to run away after hitting the police men, but he was caught near Shastri Chowk. These two on duty policemen were going to demonstration venue at Budhatalab, when a car (cg/04-HP/9446) jumped the red signal and hit the policemen. As the driver tried to escape, traffic police deployed at the signal disseminated the information over police wireless, Soon, the car was caught at the Shastri Chowk. Sources informed that there was also a girl in the car with driver Sachin Agrawal on driving seat. Sachin Agrawal was arrested by the kotwali Police. However, no FIR was filed as the injured police personnel, admitted in the hospitals, were in no position to give statements.

The Hitavada

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