Before the huge gathering, Dr. Raman Singh again took the oath in swearing-in ceremony

various dignitaries witnessing the swearing-in ceremony of Dr. Raman Singh.
Personalities like Narendra Modi, Shiraj Singh Chauhan & honourable Governor Shekhar Dutt congratulating our CM Dr. Raman Singh.

After reaping the historic majority of votes in Vidhan Sabha general elections for the third time, Dr. Raman Singh sworn-in as Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh today in a magnificent event organized at Police Parade Ground, Raipur, where the huge crowd of people witnessed the moment. People joyously welcomed him at the venue, and Governor Shekhar Dutt administered the oath of office and secrecy to Chief Minister. Dr. Raman Singh took the oath of keeping faith and allegiance in the Constitution of India and upholding the unity and sovereignty of the country. He also pledged that he would discharge all his duties in an unbiased manner without any fear, discrimination or malice.


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